January 23, 2018 8:09 pm
শর্ট কাট উইন্ডো কমেন্ট…।

শর্ট কাট উইন্ডো কমেন্ট…।

WINDOWS key+M to minimize everything.
WINDOWS key+E to open explorer to My computer.
WINDOWS key+L to Lock the session.
WINDOWS key+X to open Mobility Center.
WINDOWS key+Pause/Break = My Computer Properties
WINDOWS key + R – Launch “Run” command
WINDOWS key + T – Cycles through the task bar
WINDOWS key + U – Launch “Control Panel/Ease of access”
WINDOWS key + P – Launch display selector
WINDOWS key + D – Shows the desktop
WINDOWS key + F – Launch “Find…” window
WINDOWS key + M – similar to WINDOWS key + D: shows the desktop/minimizes all
WINDOWS key + # – focus/unfocus the #th application from the task bar.


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