January 23, 2018 11:23 pm

Smile SMS for Beautiful girl

We collected Smile SMS from 1000 SMS. There is very interesting sms. You can read our smile sms. I hope you are enjoy good feel. Let’s go for reading now …Thank You.

Smile SMS 1: So keep smiling…

beautiful girl smile sms

Beautiful girl smile SMS

After a shower of rain,a piece
of luminous sunshine decorates
the earth wonderfully…
One drop of dew on the grass
and a foggy morning gives 2urge 2live…
But a illusive smile frm u
increase vitality of someone…
So keep smiling……….

Smile SMS 2: Smiles you know are very hailng…

Smile in ease,
Smile in pain,
Smile when trouble,
pour like rain,
smile when someone hurt ur fellings,
smiles you know are very hailng…

Smile SMS 3: Suna hai keh ap ki …

Suna hai keh ap ki 1
smile par Log martay hain,
So keep smilling….
reduce …
keep smiling 4: Smiling is infectious…

Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu.
when someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner,
and someone saw my grin.
when he smiled I realized.
I’d passed it on to him!
I thought about that smile,
then I realized it’s worth.
a single smile just like mine,
could travel round the Earth

keep smiling 5: Smile is a language of Love…

Smile is a language of Love.
Smile is a way to get success,
Smile is to win the hearts.
Smile improves ur personality.
So, keep smiling

keep smiling 6: Girls misuse it…

Girls misuse it!
models sell it!
photograhers cage it!
doctors advice it!
death freezes it!
artists create it!
Guess, what’s that?

keep smiling 7: Reading book…

Let me guess what U R doing…
Reading book?
Na Na!
Listining Music?
Watching TV?
Caught U!
Missing me and reading my SMS na.!!
Oh now U R smiling.

keep smiling8 : So, please keep smiling…

S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling.
So value yourself

Some times ur existence
gives hope to one person,
Your smile may be a pearl for someone,
Your presence might be the
desire of the 1 who loves U dearly.
So value yourself.

keep: smiling 9: Just Love it…

The world is,
the world was and the
world will be always one.
Whatever you do ,
whereever u live and whereever u go.
Always proud to be One Worldian.
Just Love it!

keep smiling 10: More laughs 4 lunch…

Doctor’s prescription 4 u
A cute little smile 4 breakfast.
More laughs 4 lunch.
Lots of happiness for dinner.
Doctor’s fee? An sms when u r free.